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12 Differences Between Chinese Women and American Women

Chinese women are beautiful and so are American women. Actually, all women are beautiful. However, they have totally different thoughts and behaviours due to the disparity of culture and national conditions. Below are 12 differences between Chinese women and American women. Leave comment below and let me know what is on your mind.

2. For American women first-time sex is to abandon awkwardness; For Chinese women first sex is to devote their most valuable thing in life.

12 Differences Between Chinese Women and American Women

3. In the U.S., women always want to be husband`s friend; In China, women sometimes argue irrationally with men and sometimes become a happy concubine.

4. In the U.S., having sex with men will enhance women’s happiness; In China, having sex is considered by women as a lifetime devotion.

5. American women always believe that their husband is most handsome man in the world; In eyes of Chinese women, Korean movie stars and British football players are the most handsome men on the planet.

7. American women do not deliberately ask his man to be kind to her; In China, women will say to men: Look, how good American men treat their wife.

8. American women always feel grateful to the man who is kind to her; Chinese women think it is natural that men should be kind to them, or else they may think you are taking advantage of her.

9. In the United States, after sexual love mostly she does not know how much money is in your pocket; In China, if a woman feels that you are a pauper, she doesn’t even say “hello” to you.

10. American women will enjoy acceleration fun in your luxury BMW car; While Chinese women sitting in your BMW car will belittle Buick car on the side.

11. American women do not refuse men who try to get close to her; Chinese women think that the men who try to get close to her must have some special purpose and want to take advantage of her or behave like a hooligan.

12. In the U.S., if you meet above-mentioned Chinese women, they must erican man and then write how happy her marriage is; In China, if you come across a Chinese woman who is like above-described American woman, she must be the gem, and you should cherish her.

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American women are greedy and self centered. Its all about them and how much they can get out of you. American women fake there orgasms to make you happy. American women will spread there legs for anyone who has money or fame. Now about Chinese women they will give you everything including there wealth. Chinese women don’t fake there orgasms and if they don’t get one you will know so try harder to please her not just please yourself you greedy prick. Traditional Chinese women are feminine from head to toe and when have you ever seen a fat Chinese women but I see fat American women every day. American women have no self esteem. Treat a Chinese women with respect and loyalty and she will love you forever. Who ever wrote this article knows little about women in general.

I am totally convinced! You know American and chinese are present allover the world. Then it is quite impossible to happen to be friends with a chinese woman and rare for marriage!

I’m Chinese, and I think you’re right. Your article has caused a sensation in China, and many Chinese men are full of praise.

In fact, it is not only Chinese women who need improvement, but also Chinese people who need to learn from Americans.



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