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I used to carve wooden bowls on the beach and I used to manufacture driftwood furniture

Here’s one. A couple times when asked if I would be there the next day, I said that depends on how late me and you are out tonight. 🙂 I thought it was pretty smooth and it resulted in a few dates. I still had to do the work, but the fact that I was in a public space, doing something useful, with my shirt off, was a great ice-breaker. Men like to just sit and admire women. I think most women have to be talking about something or they feel uncomfortable doing that. 🙂

On several occasions, a nice lady has stopped to chat at my demolition sales and eventually it became evident that she was not there to buy anything. One lady asked what’s the next step. She meant, what part of the building am I going to tear off next. My reply was, I suppose we should go out for dinner or something. Even if it turns out she’s married with 11 kids, this sort of innocent flirt won’t bother most ladies at all. Something for her to tell the other moms about.

If she’s at all interested, a smooth transition like that can be very useful

I remember one time, when I was asked what the next step was, I said it’s probably a little too soon for us to get married, so we should probably go on a date first. Boom ! I haven’t told my girlfriend about this thread. Nothing wrong with a little innocent reminiscing.

Here’s another

I think it did because otherwise the topic at hand is a little shallow, and most Permies that I know, actually have deep convictions on ethics, so they are anything but that.

I do not have any real good pick up lines because I have never been trying to pick any women up. I have heard of guys telling a woman they are pretty, but it seems for a woman that is more flattery than truth. I have always told my wife she “is beautiful”. There is a huge difference between a woman that is pretty and one that is beautiful though. “Pretty” is on the outside, and “Beautiful” is on the inside.

I have no idea if Katie is pretty or not, to me she is, but I admit I am biased. If my eyes are clouded over and she is ugly as sin, do not tell me because. to me, she is beautiful.

Sadly they say 600 times a day my wife and (5) daughters (and every woman in the free world) is subjected to 600 images per day of what the world feels they should look like. Thankfully they say a husband and Father has a lot of influence upon a wife and daughters, and so I have made it my personal mission to make sure they feel beautiful despite what the world might say. It cannot be done with flattery and lines, it has to be genuine, but its worth doing. Their self-worth is at stake.

When I was young and inexperienced I thought that having some pickup line or gimmic could work. chrzeЕ›cijaЕ„ska strona randkowa dla wdowcГіw Eventually I found the method that worked best for me is to simply start an innocuous conversation.

I eventually figured out that women are just people (people I tended to be intensely attracted too), who were sometimes attracted to me.

The suggestion of having a charger is brilliant. Some gals will probably plug in and try to avoid conversation, that’s ok, some will be interested.



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