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On this site, you can meet such types of dating as BDSM, fetish, and kink

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Created in 2008, according to a FetLife review, FetLife is an adult dating site inspired by the personal sexual interests of the site’s developer. This platform has a special audience, ie FetLife is not suitable for everyone. The site says that the support team and developers have common interests and that is why they devote even more effort to developing the site. Users can use many features for free on FetLife. Do many people ask the same question while safe during Fitting, or is FetLife safe? It is very important for users to be able to date any of the users without fear.

Overall Rating – 7.0

  • Partner suggestions – 7.0
  • Price-performance – 7.5
  • Service – 7.5
  • Free features – 7
  • Ease of use – 7
  • Safety – 5

Pros and Cons

  • support team
  • huge variety of kinks
  • all people love fetish


When you imagine a website for fetish then you can probably imagine a website with lawlessness and laces everywhere. A review of FetLife shows that the site is not as comprehensive as this site is a good niche for users from all over the world who have decided to try online dating. The site is a very supportive community of people who have a passion for various sexual things and are luterskie serwisy randkowe not ashamed of it. If you are now in the phase of exploring your sexuality that you were not interested in before and you cannot find something similar on other online dating sites, then you can definitely visit FetLife.

FetLife is not an algorithmic dating site like Tinder for example because it is a social community. You can join discussion groups, make friends with other people, post different blog posts as well as send private messages. The site shows your activity every month on the site, and you also need to connect your Facebook account to be even more secure. This really makes sense, which is why FetLife makes connections between people who are very unusual and therefore employees try to be very careful. If you are the type of person who specifically wants to participate in leather play in a private dungeon, you can find the dungeon people and have friendly chats with them before leaping into an exotic setting.


FetLife dating site offers users a variety of features for enjoyable use. The features of FetLife are simple, but they are different from the features of similar online dating sites.


Since FetLife is a site for fetish and BDSM, it’s no wonder the platform has such a feature. This option is for users to view information and even videos about different types of fetish. There are as many as 60 of these, and after you have studied them all, you will be able to find a partner according to your preferences. There are both light and heavy BDSM types on FetLife that you can also explore. This feature is very useful for those who are experiencing such adult sites for the first time and would like to experience new emotions.

Chat is another great feature of FetLife that is not free. If you join FetLife, you may first be able to view some photos for free and have access to some profiles. You can also study fetish types, but at one point you will want to try them all and there is a chat for that. You can also chat with any online users who would like to meet you. You can ask short questions and get short answers in chat, share photos, audio, and more. Chat is an opportunity for private communication on FetLife to move to a new level of relationships.



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